Camping and Canoeing in Michigan

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Camping and Canoeing in Michigan

More and more people are turning towards natural, outdoor vacations instead of expensive package holidays, and camping is by far the best way to have a completely different vacation experience at a great price.Camping and Canoeing in Michigan If you are considering a camping vacation, you need to consider what types of outdoor activities you want to do while camping. One of the most exciting and rewarding type of outdoor vacation you can have is to go camping and canoeing in Michigan.

Michigan is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and this is no exaggeration. The state is home to so many different lakes and rivers, that your opportunities for camping and canoeing in Michigan are almost limitless. No matter whether you are an experienced canoer or want to try out this sport for the first time, you are sure to have a blast canoeing and camping in Michigan.

Where to Go Camping and Canoeing in Michigan

As stated earlier, Michigan is home to thousands of different lakes and rivers, and the decision of where to go camping and canoeing in Michigan will ultimately come down to you and your preferences. To narrow down your choices, it is recommended to first decide either which part of the state you want to visit, or which river or lake you want to experience. Of course, the type of canoeing will also have a big impact on your choice, as some rivers are much wilder and are therefore only recommended for more experienced canoers, or those who are looking for a real rush or thrill while on vacation. There are many rivers in Michigan that offer plenty of white water opportunities for those looking for a white knuckle thrill ride.

Still, if you want something a little milder or calmer, then you would be better off canoeing on one of the smaller Michigan lakes or in a slower moving river. This type of Michigan canoeing will give you ample opportunities for quite reflection and wildlife viewing while slowly paddling down a river or around a lake, and many people find this type of camping and canoeing in Michigan to be one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences of their life.

If you still cannot make a decision on exactly where you should go camping and canoeing in Michigan, then there are also numerous companies available that can book you on a canoeing and camping trip to virtually any corner of this beautiful state.

Different Types of Camping for Canoeing Trips in Michigan

One of the main factors in determining where to go and which type of camping and canoeing in Michigan is right for you and your family is the type of camping you want to do. The opportunities for camping in Michigan are incredibly varied and range from RV campgrounds to cottages and even tent sites.

If you own an RV or would like to rent one for your camping trip, then you should be looking for a Michigan campground which not only offers RV parking, but also has canoeing opportunities nearby. This type of canoeing and camping trip is best suited for those who dont want to be too far from the amenities they are used to at home, such as a real bed, a kitchen, shower, and toilet.

Still, many people do not own an RV or a camp trailer, but nonetheless want to experience camping and canoeing in Michigan. If you are one of these people, then you can choose between staying in your own tent and really roughing it, or staying in one of the numerous Michigan campgrounds which offer cabins or cottages. There are hundreds of campgrounds around Michigan which offer either of these types of camping, and you are sure to find canoeing opportunities in a lake or river nearby most of them. Still, even if you decide to choose tent camping, most campgrounds offer many amenities, including toilets, showers, and even cooking facilities, so you wont necessarily have to be truly roughing it.

Still, if you and your family are the more adventurous type and really want to experience nature and the real outdoors, you can choose to go on a longer canoeing trip where you will stop each night and camp along the river. These trips are almost always done with a guide, and will require that each person packs lightly, as all of your gear must be carried down the river in your canoe or in an extra pack canoe. This type of canoeing and camping in Michigan is normally found in the less populated Upper Peninsula or U P. For those who are really serious about getting away from it all and experiencing a simpler way of life reminiscent of years past, then this is definitely the type of trip for you. You can find many canoe companies in Michigan that offer this type of trip and the choice of exactly where you go and how long your trip lasts is up to your skill level and personal preferences. Keep in mind that with this type of trip, you will not be near a shower or toilet for the duration of your time, so it is only recommended for people who are really comfortable with being outdoors and away from all of the modern amenities and conveniences that most of us are so used to.

With this type of camping and canoeing trip some companies will provide all of the food, while others will require you to purchase your own food. Of course, the cooking equipment and utensils will be provided, and many companies will have more than one guide who will accompany you and they will often prepare all of the meals, so all you will have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your relaxing or exciting trip down the river.

Guided Canoe Trips and Canoe Rentals in Michigan

Many people feel that canoeing and camping in Michigan isnt for them because they do not own a canoe. However, even if you do not own a canoe or have never even set foot in one, you still have thousands of opportunities for experiencing the best that this wonderful states rivers and lakes have to offer.

There are hundreds of companies in Michigan where you can rent a canoe to take your family out for a day on the lake or river. If you are comfortable with canoeing or want to be alone with your family on a quiet river or lake, then you can choose one of the many canoe rental companies where you can just go and pick up your canoe and take it out for the day.

However, if you would feel more comfortable with a guide, then there are also hundreds of companies offering guided canoe trips throughout Michigan. With this type of trip, you can experience whatever type of canoeing trip you wish to have, all with the comfort of knowing that you have a trained and experienced guide to make sure that everything goes smoothly. These trips are usually available for as little as an hour or two, or even a full day. Also, most companies that offer full day trips will also include a stop for lunch along the side of the river, and usually lunch is provided for free as part of your trip.

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