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If you are looking for a completely new and exciting summer vacation for the whole family, then you should consider a canoe camping trip.Canoe Camping Going canoe camping is a unique opportunity to experience the best that Mother Nature has to offer, and there is no better place to get the most out of your vacation than Michigan.

Canoeing Michigan’s rivers can be incredibly fun and rewarding and the opportunities for doing so are extremely varied. In fact, Michigans official nickname is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so you have a wide range of choices for exactly what type of river or lake you wish to go canoeing on. From wild white water runs that will leave you soaked, exhilarated, and exhausted, to calm and relaxing canoe trips on a quiet lake or river, the choice is yours.

No matter what you decide, a canoe camping trip to a river or lake in Michigan can be one of the most fun and rewarding family vacations that you can have, and your family will definitely remember it for years. In fact, most people love it so much that they end up coming back year after year.

Canoe Camping Explained

Most people are familiar with both canoeing and camping, and basically a canoe camping trip is a vacation that combines all that both have to offer. This type of trip is perfect for the family that wants to spend time together in the great outdoors and experience something truly unique.

When most people think of camping, they think of staying in a tent and sleeping either directly on the ground or on a cot or air mattress. However, this is far from the only type of camping available in Michigan, as there are also hundreds of private and state run campgrounds, and even National Park campgrounds, which offer parking for recreational vehicles or camp trailers, and there are also a large number which have cabins or cottages of varying sizes and amenities for rent. So, no matter what type of camping appeals to you, you can definitely find it in Michigan. Of course, you should choose a campground which has plenty of canoeing opportunities nearby, but luckily, this is not difficult to find in Michigan.

A quick search online will return a list of the different campgrounds in Michigan and you can normally sort them by the activities offered or amenities available at the campground, which is a great way to find the perfect camping spot for your family outing. Also, even if the main goal of your camping trip is to go canoeing, you will most definitely not be limited to only canoeing while on your vacation. Most Michigan campgrounds are located nearby many spectacular outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain biking trails. Of course, if you are staying near a river or lake, then there will also definitely be plenty of fishing opportunities available as well.

Types of Canoe Camping Trips in Michigan

As stated earlier, your choice of the specific type of camping you wish to do depends only on your personal preferences as you will find campgrounds which cater to virtually any type of camping imaginable. The main choice will probably come down to exactly which part of the state you wish to visit and the type of canoeing trip that you want to go on.

If you and your family have never canoed before, or if you have young children, then the best canoe camping trip for you is something located near a quieter or calmer stretch of river. Canoeing in a calm river is incredibly safe and can still be very enjoyable. Of course, it is best if you know how to swim as there is always a small chance that the canoe could tip over, but you will always be wearing a life jacket so there is very little danger involved. This type of canoeing allows you to paddle around the river or lake at your own pace while taking in all of the fabulous sites that Michigans natural beauty has to offer. It is an excellent opportunity to see birds and wildlife in their natural habitat, and many people find it quite calming and relaxing.

However, if you are looking for a bit more of an adventure, then you should choose a canoe camping trip that offers opportunities for canoeing in faster moving water and rapids. This type of canoeing can be very exhilarating and offers tons of excitement.

When deciding on what type of canoe camping trip is right for you and your family, another thing to consider is whether you want to go out on a canoe on your own or with a guide. Many people feel more comfortable canoeing with an experienced guide in case things should go wrong. If you would feel safer taking a guided canoe trip, then there are hundreds of canoe outfitters in Michigan which can offer you almost any type of guided canoe trip that you can imagine.

Renting Canoes in Michigan

If you own your own canoe, then you have the opportunity to pick and choose from the lakes and rivers in Michigan and go wherever you please. There are tons of beautiful places with easy access to put your canoe in and enjoy a day on a Michigan river or lake. Nonetheless, even if you do not own a canoe or dont want to travel all the way to Michigan with it in tow, then there are still plenty of opportunities for canoe camping available to you.

The most popular rivers for canoeing are home to many different companies offering canoes for rent at a good price. You should be able to pick and choose from a number of companies located near your campground or the river of your choice. Many campgrounds even offer canoe rentals directly from the campground, and some private campgrounds have free canoes that their guests can use whenever they wish.

Whatever type of canoe camping trip you decide on, you can be guaranteed that your family will absolutely love it and youll create lifelong memories during your time in Michigan.

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