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Kayaking in Michigan

Kayaking in Michigan can not only provide a bit of physical activity during your next trip, but also an exposure to natural environments that you wouldn’t normally get to see. Michigan provides easy access to a number of beautiful waterways, including Southern Lake Huron, colloquially known as “The Thumb.”

Camping and Canoeing in Michigan are also two popular outdoors activities enjoyed by those who love to Kayak.Kayaking in Michigan All three are supported and promoted by the state as activities chosen to improve recreational options in the area and to improve the experiences of tourists.

Popular Types of Kayaking in Michigan

There are six major types of Kayaking in Michigan that are easily experienced on Lake Huron and its water trails.

They include:

  • Recreational Kayaking in Michigan, on the lake or down the streams and rivers. This is a popular and easy variation of kayaking that requires medium length boats that are easy for newcomers to handle
  • Sailing relies on small sails to reduce the amount of paddling required for longer trips.
  • Fishing while Kayaking takes advantage of special vessels with holders that can be adjusted to accommodate various types of fishing rods. It provides access to secluded and quiet fishing spots.
  • Whitewater Kayaking in Michigan is intended for only the most adventurous outdoors-types. It relies on similar kayaks to those used in more recreational settings, and is typically the second type of kayaking most will try.
  • Surf Kayaking takes advantage of the waves generated on the lake, providing a similar experience to traditional surfboarding.
  • Touring involves crossing the lake on long trips, and is used by many as a fast and efficient way to transport their equipment between camp sites and national parks.

Renting Kayaks in Michigan

The good news is that you don’t need to own your own gear to experience Kayaking in Michigan. There are dozens of companies and communities that provide equipment rentals. Recent surveys by the tourism commission have shown that as many as 76% of kayakers don’t own their own gear.

The sport is also friendly to newcomers. Most shops report that about half of their business comes from first-time or occasional adventurers. This means that you don’t have to worry about meeting staff members and other kayakers that are rude to “newbies.”

Fishing while Kayaking in Michigan is also becoming more popular, and special tours and events are being organized. Lake St. Clair organizes an annual event for veterans, giving them an opportunity to hit the thumb and get some much needed recreation and relaxation.

Ludington Kayaking Activities

Every evening plenty of tourists and locals gather in Ludington for a one of a kind experience at dawn or dusk. It provides a unique and precious view of the local biosphere that can’t be found at any other time. Many groups are limited to smaller sizes to minimize the potential impact that these trips could have.

Consider contacting a local group and scheduling a dawn or dusk kayaking experience before departing for your trip. This will help to guarantee that you actually get a chance to experience the magic that only pure Michigan could provide.

The Thumb Heritage Water Trail

With more than one hundred miles of water trail, and over thirty launch and landing locations, the Heritage Water Trail is one of the most popular and active spots for Kayaking in Michigan.

Explorers will find themselves face to face with unique and surreal rock formations. Deep, beautiful caves provide glimpses of wildlife that is normally only active at night.

Anyone who explores any notable portion of the Heritage Water Trail will be more than thrilled to tell you about the interesting “stacks” that rise up from the water, too. They have to be seen to be believed, but you can find them easily by heading only two miles in either direction from Port Austin.

Explore St. Ignace

This area is best for more experienced Kayakers, but it provides some of the most amazing sport you could ask for. With plenty of shore to explore, rivers and creeks that shoot off, down, and around beautiful natural areas, and island channels there really is something for everyone.

Be prepared, though, to finish your excursion exhausted. Only tempt these waters if you are experienced or kayaking in Michigan with an experienced guide. There are no major risks, but it would ruin your trip to end up exhausted and stuck in the middle of the lake.

Plan Your Trip to Include Kayaking, Camping and Canoeing in Michigan

No matter what your goals with your next visit to Michigan, make sure you include camping and canoeing to maximize your ability to relax and reconnect with nature. Throw in some kayaking in Michigan to let your inner adventurer out and return to your normal life with new zest.

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